• Visit four of the key LOTR filming locations in the Hutt Valley
  • Go to Weta Workshop in Mirimar and do a behind-the-scenes tour of the Workshop (entry include in tour price).
  • End the tour at the Weta Cave where you can purchase souvenirs and pose for photos with some of the Weta characters and props.
  • Time permitting have lunch at your choice of a café, takeaway or pub (discuss this with your guide – lunch cost not included in tour price).
  • Visit some of the locations on Mount Victoria where LTOR scenes where filmed.
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of Wellington from Mount Victoria lookout.
  • Finish the day with a drive past the Embassy Picture Theatre the home of two Premieres “Return of the King” and the first Hobbit movie “The Unexpected Journey”.

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Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings really put Wellington on the map.

A trip to New Zealand’s little capital city just isn’t complete without going on the Xplor Tours Full Day Lord Of The Rings Wellington Tour.

From your hotel or i-Site pickup, we make our way to the Hutt Valley.

First stop is the Dry Creek quarry where you see the filming site of Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith.

A short drive will see us stop at the River Anduin (Hutt River) where the Fellowship travelled to Amon Hen.

Then it is on to the site of Gardens of Isengard (Harcourt Park) where Gandalf met Saruman the White to discuss the Ring, and it is also where Saruman’s Orc army destroy the gardens.

Next stop is Rivendell (Kaitoke Regional Park) the home of the Elves. Enjoy a walk through Rivendell and see the nearby river used for the scene where Éomer recovers the dying Théodred, son of King Théoden. More adventurous travellers may also cross the swing bridge over the Hutt River.

We then make our way to the Weta Worshop in Miramar. Here you watch a short behind-the-scenes documentary that details the history of the Weta Workshop company, followed by an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour where you see how props plus weaponry are made, and probably meet artists at work making props. (*)

At the Weta Cave you will be given the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and have photos with Gollum, Lurtz the Uruk-hai, Bilbo’s three Trolls, and characters from other movies that Weta has been involved in. We will arrange for you to act and pose (photoshoot) with the trolls and other props. This is fun and enjoyed by everyone.

Your guide will discuss with you any lunch preference, Café, takeaway, pub (all depending on time).

After lunch, you will head to Mount Victoria to the Hobbiton Woods where the filming of the epic trilogy began. This is the home of the Shortcut to Mushrooms scene; Sam and Frodo’s Second Breakfast; the location where the Hobbits hid from the Black Rider (“Get off the road!”); the Race to the Buckleberry Ferry scene; and King Théoden’s Dunharrow Encampment.

A little further on is the Mount Victoria Lookout and here you will see spectacular views of Wellington’s city and harbour. Have your cameras ready!

The tour concludes with a drive past the Embassy Picture Theatre the home of two Premieres – “Return of the King” and the first Hobbit movie “The Unexpected Journey”.


(*) Subject to Weta Workshop’s format. Weta Workshop may change details without notice but the tour will be approximately the same as described here.

Please be aware that the tour may alter in format as it is based around the availability of the Weta Workshop Tour.


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